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Nior No Transfer Matte Lipstick No-60 2.8g

In the world of elegance, the allure of matte lipstick is ageless. Choose from 15 gorgeous shades of Nior No-Transfer Matte Lipstick to experience a sophisticated look. Simply swipe a single swatch and keep the glam going all day.

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Matte lovers will find their true love in the paradise of NIOR’s No Transfer Matte Lipstick series. The series is the cherry on top for both your savvy daytime and dramatic evening looks. It features 15 vivid shades with rich pigmentation that can match any skin shade. With its long-lasting formula and a velvety, glossy-free finish, it never feathers off your lips. Only a few touch-ups all day, and you’ll be ready to slay!






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