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Technic Dewy Makeup Setting Spray 31ml

A setting spray has a soft coconut scent that will truly illuminate your complexion all day long. The gorgeous coconut scent sprayed onto the face, set your makeup in place with an added glow while controlling excess sebum for a fresh and matte finish that lasts all day. Technic brand is cruelty free and this spray help to set your make up whilst leave you with an illuminated, glowing complexion.

  • Provide matte finish and smooth skin
  • Long lasting makeup setting spray
  • No smudging and creasing
  • Control excess oil and sebum
  • Feeling refreshed and dewy finish
  • Hydrate skin and blurs pores instantly
  • Perfect for all skin types

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Product Description

This makeup setting spray designed to keeps your skin moist and hydrated, also will boost your luminosity. This makeup setting spray is work to prevent your makeup from melting, temperature changes, skin irritants and spritz around your face once you’ve finished applying your makeup. It has been designed to feels comfortable, provide matte finish and hold the makeup products like foundation, mascara, eyeliner what’s you’ve used in place all day.

This makeup setting spray not only gives you a lovely, cooling sensation, but it is also keeping your skin refreshed and hydrated, helps to control oiliness and looking more like actual skin. With its long-lasting formula, Dewy Finish Makeup Setting Spray works to leaving a pore less smooth face behind.

Spray this on your face, if you have no time for makeup touch ups and use a tissue to pat the skin gently to refresh your makeup. This makeup setting spray is not only for mattifying, they can also protect your makeup from smudging, creasing or fading quickly.

How To Use:
After finish your makeup, then shake this bottle. Hold the bottle about 30cm away from your face, spray in an X or T-Formation. Wait for a minute to let it dry.






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