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Technic Professional Portable Mini Roller Hair Brush-Gray

  • Designed for blow-dry styling with salon style results
  • Ball tipped bristles will not snag or pull
  • Soft ridged grip for comfortable hold with control
  • Designed for blow-dry styling with a barrel that retains heat longer
  • Brush color may vary
  • Innovative handle design allowing maximum comfort and control
  • Perfect for controlling, smoothing, and styling hair
  • Suitable for all Medium to short hairstyles

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Product Description

For the salon-style performance at home, try Technic Professional Portable Mini Roller Hair Brush. Each brush is designed for a specific task with professional salon results in mind. This extra small round hot curling brush is designed for blow-dry styling with a barrel that retains heat longer so hair dries faster. The barrel size is ideal for creating curls or working with shorter cuts. Volumize layered cuts or work curls into the perimeter of your style. Ball-tipped bristles prevent snagging and pulling while you work. A soft ridged grip gives you a comfortable hold with all the control you need.

It’s thoughtfully designed to gently detangle even the most knotty or unruly hair without tugging or pulling while helping curls clump and find each other for superb definition. The result? Super bouncy, knot-free curls. We also love that the rubber pad slides out, so you can deep clean your brush to get rid of old strands and build up—a major plus, especially for a wet brush. It’s simple and easy beauty technology for salon-style results. Brush color may vary.

Roller Hairbrush can be used to separate hair, make cuticles smooth, prevent hair loss, hair break, split ends; suitable for most hairstyles, suitable for daily life or salon use, very suitable for hairdryer characterization. This styling brush can create a variety of styles, comfortable feel, and comfortable grip.
How to Use:

  • Step – 1 : Detangle your hair in the shower with a wide-tooth comb first to avoid damaging your hair.
  • Step – 2 : Blow-dry your hair while combing with the round brush to dry it.
  • Step – 3 : You can let your hair air dry after combing with a round brush if you prefer.





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