Technic Professional Luxury Large Oval Hair Brush-Red

  • Works perfectly with straight, curly, textured, thick, and wavy hairs
  • They also work great on both wet and dry hair
  • Minimize pain and protects hair against split ends and breakage
  • Great for thick, long, and curly hair
  • Sturdy and well-sized
  • Gentle, doesn’t pull even seriously tangled hair
  • Extra-large bristle tips gently massage scalp
  • Heat-resistant design – blow-dryer friendly
  • Hard travel/storage case protects and keeps the bristles clean

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Product Description

Technic Professional Luxury Large Oval Hair Brush is made of Exclusive, ultra-soft bristles that glide through tangles and knots with ease. The sturdy bristles gently massage the scalp while stimulating blood flow and strengthening your hair. Our Hair Brush is designed brilliantly to minimize pain and to protect hair against split ends and breakage. It lets you brush with less force so you can detangle with less damage to your hair. Doesn’t matter if your hair is long or short, curly or straight, thick or fine, this brush will run through any hair type removing tangles while making the hair soft.

Our Friendly Brushes Are Perfect for Long or Short Hair, Curly or Straight, Thick or Fine. Our Brushes Are Designed to Run Through Any Hair Type Removing Tangles While Making the Hair Soft. It Works Great on Wet or Dry Hair and Is Perfect for Men, Women, and Kids. Heat resistant and blow-dryer friendly, with a super soft-touch handle for maximum comfort and control. Each wet or dry hair brush comes with a sturdy travel or storage case designed to protect and keep bristles clean, at home or on the go. Lightweight yet durable, these brushes make it easy to detangle and style even the most unruly, early morning hair.

How To Use:

  • Step – 1 : After shampooing, towel-dry hair to remove excess water, brush out hair using a detangling brush, separate into manageable sections.
  • Step – 2 : Place the brush underneath each section and work it slowly from roots to tip until the area is dry and smooth.





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