St. Ives Refreshing Body Wash Rose Water And Aloe Vera 650ml

St. Ives Rose Water & Aloe Vera Refreshing Body Wash is formulated with 100% natural rose and aloe vera extracts, this rich, creamy body wash for exfoliating and soothing relief of itchy or dry skin. This creamy body wash gently cleanses while removing dirt, oil and dead skin cells. Soothe itchy, dryness, clogged pores and skin flaking can all be addressed with a body wash.

  • Keeps moisturize and less dryness
  • Provides a Luxurious Lather
  • Travel-Friendly and Hygienic
  • Light-weight and long-lasting
  • Rid of dirt, excess oil, odor, sweat and makeup
  • Provides a refreshing and cooling feel
  • Increase the collagen production and skin elasticity

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Product Description

This Body wash usually contains 100% natural rose and aloe vera extracts that are beneficial for natural exfoliator to restore skin moisture and cleansing process your skin. Rose water has cleansing and toning properties that can temporarily tighten the look of your skin, giving you a firm, plump look. It can help infuse water and essential oils into your skin, leaves your skin smooth and touchably soft.

The anti-inflammatory effects of aloe vera, sloughing away dirt, oil and dead skin cells. It also uses for cleansing, moisturizing, and reducing inflammation. Experts recommend that it helps to bind moisture into the skin so it doesn’t dry out, keeping it supple and soft. Using this gentle body wash will encourage our skin to hold on to moisture without over-cleansing, so your skin feels nourished and healthy.

Aloe Vera gel has vitamin C and E, deeply nourishing leaves your skin with softer, smoother after just one shower. Thanks to this unique blend of fragrance-free body wash is made with soothing and cleansing technology.

How to use
Step – 1
Wet your skin in the shower or bath.

Step – 2
Squeeze body wash onto a wet pouf, washcloth or hands and just rub your body.

Step – 3
Don’t scrub forcefully and then rinse off with water.




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