Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Micellar Cleansing Foam 150g

Micellar foam that is formulated with Jeju Volcanic Sphere™ with twice the sebum cleaning effect delivers a hydrated finish after cleaning fine dust in pores.

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Product Description

1. Deep cleansing foam containing Jeju Volcanic Cluster Sphere™ with a powerful sebum-absorption effect
Jeju Volcanic Cluster Sphere™ with a sebum-absorption effect that is two times more powerful than the original ingredient, thoroughly removes ultrafine dust inside pores while leaving a hydrated finish.

2. A micellar formula that leaves the skin moist after cleansing while thoroughly removing impurities!
Micelle particles, formed when the cleansing formula meets water, sucks out all impurities like a magnet to remove them, while simultaneously hydrating the skin, leaving a soft and moist finish even after cleansing.

3. Enjoy both the mild texture and a powerful cleansing effect at the same time!
Unlike some that have soft textures but unsatisfying cleansing effects, or those with strong cleansing effects but leave an extremely dry finish, this product has a great cleansing effect and yet is moist and mild to use.


Apply an appropriate amount onto wet hands and work into rich lather. After massaging, rinse off with lukewarm water.






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