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Fiama Peach and Avocado Shower Gel with Skin Conditioner 250ml

  • Fresh Looking Skin Enriched with natural extracts of Peach and Avocado, this gel works gently on your skin
  • Beautiful, invigorating fragrance gives fresh feel even after shower
  • Moisturised Skin With Moisture Lock formula it keeps your skin moist for hours
  • Along with cleaning it also conditions your skin
  • Silky gel lathers well on the skin and cleanses the skin
  • Removes dirt particles, excess Oil from the surface of the skin


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Product Description

Wash away the troubles of your day, with the foamy, fresh, and fun Fiama Body Wash. And while you enjoy your Fiama bath, let its skin-conditioners work their magic to make give you soft moisturised skin.This Peach and Avocado shower gel gives you the daily refreshment you need to take on the day, with its fruity fragrance. It is filled with goodness of natural ingredients to give you soft moisturised skin. So get ready to wash away a hard day, one bath at a time.

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