Essence Stay 8h Waterproof Lipliner 0.28g

essence Stay 8h Waterproof Lipliner gives your lips an incredibly beautiful long-lasting color and a semi-matte finish so you can always be rocking on any occasion.

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essence Stay 8h Waterproof Lipliner is a creamy and smooth lip pencil that is extremely easy to apply. In turn, its highly pigmented texture glides easily on the lips leaving them with an incredibly beautiful color, long lasting and with a semi-matte finish. This way you can just outline your lips and combine this color with your favorite essence lipstick or apply this pencil alone by covering the entire lip area. Furthermore, this lip liner can give a boost to any look, whether it is a day-to-day occasion or even a super important party. You decide the combinations you want to make and the looks you want to create! Either way, this formula lasts up to 8 hours without drying out or cracking, which means you will always be rocking during this time. Finally, this product has a small pencil sharpener at its tip so that its application is long-lasting and ultra-precise.






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